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Q. How long will I have to use Juka’s Clean Beauty Skincare products to see results?

A. All Juka's clean beauty skincare products will give you an instant glow with just few days of using it. The moment Juka’s clean beauty skincare products are applied on the face, you can literally feel the effectiveness of the products. The instant hydration and glow will speak for itself. As for the hyperpigmentation skincare collection, you need to use the products two times daily for up to 6-8 weeks to see full results. Depending on severity, you should start to see changes of slowly brightening up within 2 weeks.


 Q.What is the best way to store my skincare products?

A. The best way to store your skincare product before and after opening is in a cool area. You can store Juka’s clean beauty skincare products in your bathroom cabinets, and it is safe. Avoid leaving it under the sun for too long.


Q.What is the lifespan of Juka’s Clean Beauty Skincare Products?

A. After opening our skincare products, we recommend using within 6 months. If the products are unopen, they are good to use up to 12months. The natural preservatives that are in Juka’s clean beauty formulars are safe and guarantees preservation. Remember to always wash hands before touching or applying any skincare products (not just Juka’s) on face. As hands can breed bacteria and transfer into face.


Q. Should I apply products on wet or dry skin?

A. It is always best to apply skincare products on damp skin; not too wet or dry. This allows for the products to be easily locked into the skin to makes it way into the epidermis. We use a lot of plant base amino acids which allows for easier products penetrations into the basal cell zones.


Q. If I see changes in product color should I be alarmed?

A.It is normal for slight changes in product color once the product has been open. Oxidation of products does not mean ineffectiveness.


Q. Can I get a discount code?

A. All our discounts will be posted or shared on our social media pages. Do make sure to join the tribe in other to not miss any promotions or special offers.


 Q. Can I buy the Juka’s Clean Beauty Skincare on subscription bases for auto refill?

A. We will activate our subscription orders for the tribe soon. Stay connected by following us on social media to be in the know. For now, you can check on Amazon to see if they have started the subscription already.