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  • Juka’s Clean Beauty Stands Against Deforestation & The Endangerment of Wildlife.
  • Juka’s Products Are All Ethically Harvested from Responsible Sound Sources.
  • All Juka’s Ingredients Are Source from Its Place of Origin, This Is to Ensure Sustainability & To Maintain the Quality of The Products Harvested by Our Women Partners


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At Juka’s Clean Beauty, one of our central missions is to offer products that embody safety, 100% sustainability, and ethical sourcing through our invaluable partnerships with women in African communities. While concerns loom over the sustainability of red palm oil from Asia, we are proud to share that all our products, including red palm oil, originate from African villages. With our journey starting at Juka’s Organic Co., we have established a strong presence in the realm of sustainable ingredients and premium African imports. Our enduring commitment revolves around collaborating with women in villages across Africa to import their meticulously selected superfood ingredients. Juka’s proudly employs sustainable, authentic, and top-quality organic red palm oil. Our superfood ingredients are sourced from Africa in their purest and most natural form, utilizing age-old techniques passed down through centuries for the extraction of our all-natural, unrefined, organic red palm oil.

Juka's red palm oil is harvested every three months by small scale farmers in small villages of West Africa. You have seen in our videos that our oil is sustainable and organic. A question that is now arising is "Is our oil RSPO certified?". Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil or RSPO is a certification, put together by some plantation companies, manufacturers, environmental NGOs, and social NGOs that produce or use palm oil. According to the body, "RSPO certification assessments need to be initiated by palm oil producers, by contacting one of the approved Certification Bodies. The cost of audits will be borne by the producer who seeks RSPO certification".

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The sustainability initiative aimed at palm oil producers in Asia and South America is commendable, but it overlooks the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in African villages. These farmers lack access to RSPO and organic certification bodies, which are often located far from their communities. Obtaining these certifications is prohibitively expensive, posing an unjust burden on African farmers, especially considering that West Africa is the historical home of red palm oil, deeply intertwined with its heritage and culture. Furthermore, the financial constraints of African small-scale farmers make it difficult for them to use fertilizers and pesticides, unlike counterparts in other regions. Importantly, the absence of orangutans in West Africa eliminates concerns about harming wildlife during red palm oil harvesting. These factors emphasize the need for a more inclusive and context-sensitive approach to palm oil sustainability, recognizing the unique circumstances of African farmers and their environmentally friendly practices.

In contrast to some certified products in the market, determining the sustainability, organic quality, or authenticity of red palm oil doesn't necessarily require certification labels. Many African farmers adhere to sustainable, organic, and traditional methods, producing authentic and pure red palm fruits without formal certification. Rather than relying solely on certification stamps, consumers can make informed choices by exploring transparent sourcing and production methods, such as those exemplified by Juka's commitment to 100% sustainability and the preservation of West Africa's red palm oil heritage.


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Juka’s Organic Co., a family-owned business rooted in Africa, takes great pride in sourcing all our products, including red palm fruits, baobab moringa powder, and shea butter, through a meticulous process. We collaborate closely with small-scale farmers who hand-select these ingredients, ensuring that authenticity and product quality are upheld. This dedication is integral to our mission of incorporating these natural treasures into our clean beauty skincare line.

Unrefined Organic Red Palm Oil, one of our signature offerings, boasts a wealth of potent antioxidants and phytonutrients, with a rich history of use as a healing food in ancient civilizations, particularly in West Africa. Nutritional expert Bryan See highlights the key phytonutrients present in Natural Organic Red Palm Oil, such as tocotrienols (super vitamin E, known to be 40-60 times more potent than tocopherols), mixed carotenes (pro-vitamin A and antioxidants), phytosterols, plant squalene, and Co-enzyme Q10. This unique combination of powerful phytonutrients sets red palm oil apart from all other edible oils. In our African upbringing, extra virgin red palm oil held a central place in our culture. Not only did we witness our grandmothers using this remarkable oil in their cooking, but they also relied on it as a healing remedy. Rural women often applied extra virgin red palm oil to their skin to address issues like rashes and boils, while it was also used for hair care. The process included cooking the oil until its redness diminished to prevent staining clothes. Furthermore, the residue of palm fruit, leftover from oil extraction, served as the base for skin and hair soaps, contributing to the holistic use of this valuable resource by villagers and farmers.


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Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

Juka's Clean Beauty places a high priority on environmental consciousness and the potential harm that neglecting this responsibility can inflict on our planet. As a socially responsible company, we have wholeheartedly embraced this mission. Our commitment extends beyond the selection of ingredients and waste management; it encompasses every facet of our operations, from the procurement of raw materials and the manufacturing process to transportation and material disposal. In alignment with these principles, we diligently source our packaging materials from companies that share our values and adhere to sustainable packaging best practices. We are proud to declare that all the packaging materials we employ are not only 100% recyclable but also biodegradable, underscoring our unwavering dedication to eco-friendly practices.